SAC Connectivity – APOS Live Data Gateway

The SAP BTP group recently invited APOS to deliver a presentation on APOS Live Data Gateway’s connectivity capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud. The session included live Q & A and a panel discussion.

Topics covered included:

  • SAC Connectivity Options
  • Live Data Connectivity for SAC
  • Data Preparation
  • Advanced Features
  • Expanded Connection Support

Here are some highlights from the Leverage Live Data Analytics: Unlock Value with APOS Live Data Gateway presentation.

Not surprisingly, SAC connectivity options are focused on SAP data assets. SAC users can establish live connectivity to these assets, but more and more organizations are expressing a need for live connectivity to non-SAP data assets. For the majority of these data assets, SAC currently provides only import connectivity.


SAC Import Connectivity to Non-SAP Data Assets

Import connectivity works well for some functions, but organizations connecting to a variety of non-SAP data assets to create a more comprehensive, real-time analytics environment really need live data connectivity. That’s where APOS Live Data Gateway makes its impact.

Please not that APOS Live Data Gateway also has editions for:

While the presentation to the BTP Group is not available on demand, there are similar presentations on the APOS On-Demand Webinars page, including: