Release and Deployment planning with SAP Cloud ALM

In this blog post I plan to address the steps to enable use of  Releases and Systems in a Project  in SAP Cloud ALM

In fact its explained in the 5 part series in this youtube playlist

  • Ensure your tenants(Systems) show in Landscape management
  • Create System  Groups
  • Assign systems to System Groups
  • Create a Deployment Plan
  • Add Releases to Deployment plan
  • Add system groups to Deployment Plan
  • Assign Deployment plan to the Project
    • Release information is thus known for the Project
    • Landscape information ( system Groups) is thus known to the Project
  • Use Release information for Features and Requirements
  • Use Release and Timelines report

Also you need to understand the impact when a Release is locked(closed ) or a Deployment is changed.

All these points are explained in the Playlist

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