How to activate your SAP Build Process Automation starter pack with your RISE package

Want to hear amazing news? SAP Build Process Automation is now part of your RISE with SAP S/4HANA cloud at no additional cost. It’s time to streamline those high-volume, repetitive, manual business processes so you can scale and scale fast. SAP Build Process Automation allows for meaningful collaboration between process experts and IT users to identify, simplify and automate inefficiencies within their processes. We want to help organizations like yours quickly jump-start their automation journey and save employees invaluable time.  

What’s included in your starter pack?  

  • 2 Advanced Users 
  • 20 Standard Users 
  • 1 Unattended Automations  

And did I forget to mention the 100’s of best practice pre-built content specific for S/4HANA? 


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to activate SAP Build Process Automation from the SAP BTP cockpit:   

1. First navigate to SAP BTP Cockpit, on the left-hand side from the menu list and click on “Boosters”.

2. Once the Boosters overview page opens, in the search field type “SAP Build Process     Automation” (1) and under Set up account for SAP Build Process Automation click the “Start” button (2). 

3. SAP Build Process Automation overview page will open up, you can then proceed forward by clicking on “Start”. 

4. The booster will then automatically perform a prerequisite test to confirm the service and your credentials. Once the two green boxes show to confirm the test has been completed successfully, you can click on “Next” at the bottom of the page.  

5. On this page you can choose if you want to create a new sub-account or use an existing one. In this example we will choose “Create sub-account” scenario (1). Click on “Next” (2) to configure account.  

6. On this page you assign the quota for this sub-account. You will first delete the marked services as they are not required before you click on “Next” 

7. On this page you can add the users who will access SAP Build Process Automation tool, administrators (standard users) and developers (advanced users).  Note that any user who will be added as a developer will automatically be added as an administrator as well, but the opposite is not true. You can always add or edit users later.

Click on “Next” (3) to confirm users added.  

8. In the last step you can review the summary of your setup. Once you confirm all information is accurate, click on “Finish”. 

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9. To get the service up and ready for you, the booster will then start the deployment process which can take up to five minutes. In the meantime, pamper yourself with a cup of coffee, you deserve a break!  

10. Once the process is complete, a success message will pop up on the screen. Click on “Navigate to the Subaccount. 

11. In the subaccount on the left-hand side of the menu click on “Instances and Subscriptions.

12. You get now an overview on the activated services, and you can move directly to the application by clicking on the icon in the red box. 

13. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for has now arrived. You made it to the lobby of the application development page within SAP Build Process Automation. You can streamline your business processes, create forms and build your automations. Don’t forget to browse our store that contains 100’s of pre-built content to get you started quickly.  



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