Business ByDesign UKI Partner Meeting


Wednesday 2nd November: SAP Maidenhead, the majority of SAP Business ByDesign partners met for the first time, probably since the Dublin summit back in June of this year.

We had planned an agenda that was intended to help our ByDesign partners plan their businesses growth for 2023 and beyond.

We want the partners to look at how they can add incremental revenue from their existing client base and help them close more deals easier and quicker, lowering their cost of acquisition and improving the bottom line, without resorting to lower prices! And YES –  we did get the brilliant Rainer Zinow on team call!

A very positive update on the sales for FY2022 from Michael Egan started the day on an upbeat note with more good news forecast for Q4 and FY2023. Key points were:

  • point 1
  • point 2
  • point 3

Following Michael, we were privileged to have Rainer Zinow call in from Walldorf. Rainer filled in the detail for us on side-by-side extensions with SAP Business Technology Platform and why this GTM Strategy makes sense, SAP and partners can build one extension and re-use it across multiple SAP solutions.

SAP has the first solution available now,

SAP Product Footprint Management for Clean Operations.

And of course no Rainer meeting is complete without a quick demo! this time he shared how to utilise low-code/no-code tools in SAP Business Technology Platform to build apps.

The source code can be found here SAP SME GitHub

As always, Rainer’s insight was powerful, positive and encouraging. Partners were left in no doubt that they will continue to be supported by SAP with their ByD business, but now is the time to adapt BTP as a way to create new processes and modules and thereby increase the addressable market for Business ByDesign.

This last topic, enabled the agenda to segue nicely into a more detailed view of the Business Technology Platform from the BTP Specialists Sohail Mohammed and Renaud PETIT

Sharing some great content and customer success stories, Sohail and Renaud covered the reasons and business case for all partners to have BTP in their Sales Kit Bag for 2023 – not just for integration cases, but for any app/idea/process not covered in either SAP S/4 Hana Cloud, Public Edition or SAP Business ByDesign

Some of their key points made were:

  • BTP is a unified, open platform designed to enable business processes.
  • Rapid Development/Prototyping is enabled with simple LC/NC environment
  • Priced to work in the SME Marketplace