Getting Started on SAP with Me!

The SAP ONE Support Launchpad will be transitioning to SAP for Me within the first 3 months of 2023 

SAP has created SAP for ME to improve your customer experience throughout touch points with SAP and we have created a video tutorial for our customers to check out SAP for Me.  

There is also a lot more information on SAP for Me | SAP Community where you can read about Getting started and what it will mean if you are an SAP Partner. 

To access SAP for Me you must have an existing S-User or Universal ID with linked S-Users. Please note that some capabilities will require special authorizations  

Home – SAP for Me 

Check out my colleague’s blog with more information on what Authorizations and who you can contact to request them  What permissions do you need for SAP for Me? | SAP Blogs  and more information can be found here 

There is even more on how to utilize your SAP for ME experience here;  

If you have an S-User and see a message on the card that you aren’t authorized. In the message, select Company Administrators to open a list of Admins at your company. Select the name of an admin, then select Send E-Mail to request access.  

You can find you super administrators by clicking in “My important contacts” you will see the list of all the S-Users with special roles for each installation. In the column “Function” you can see who the Super Administrators are. Read this blog to find out more; How to find your Super Administrators . 

Get the latest updates on SAP for Me on My Support (    

SAP has also created the below to make the transition that much easier for our customers.  

You can contact CIC for assistance if you need any further guidance. The Customer Interaction Center can be contactedby Phone,Expert Chatand by email. 

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