SAP EarlyWatch Alert now identifies missing Side Effect Solving Sap Notes

Have you implemented a lot of SAP Notes for fixing issues in your system? Do you already think there could be any side effects or unsure if your business process is impacted?

The SAP EarlyWatch Alert Tool can now help you to identify the missing SAP Notes that solve issues due to already existing SAP Notes that you implemented.

Why this Check?

The business goal behind this development is to help customers identify early that they have known issues in their system caused by implementing a certain SAP Note (the so called ‘causing SAP Note’), but there is already an existing SAP Note for this issue (to be called ‘solving SAP Note’) that’s available.

To help customers identify such issues, we want to inform the customers pro-actively via the SAP EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) when they implemented an SAP Note with a known side effect in the past. 

What is Offered?

We have established an automated process between SAP Notes and the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service. As a result, the latest available SAP Notes released to customers are considered during the weekly report generation with SAP EarlyWatch Alert. An alert is triggers to customers with missing SAP Notes that solve side effects.

Customers also get the list of the Causing SAP Notes that are implemented along with the corresponding missing Solving SAP Notes.

The functionality is currently offered for the following areas:

  1. SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  2. SAP Transportation Management
  3. SAP Production Planning
  4. SAP Plant Maintenance

We plan to extend this to other application areas as well in the future for e.g., Finance

Customer Benefits

With this check, customers can detect already at a very early stage the issues existing in their system and ensure stability.

The list of missing SAP Notes helps to prioritize the implementation of SAP Notes for business-critical areas that are impacted.

To get an overview of the application specific SAP Notes recommended with the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service you can refer to the Blogs Introduction of application specific Extended Warehouse Management Checks in SAP EarlyWatch Alert and Introduction of application specific Extended Warehouse Management Checks in SAP EarlyWatch Alert.

To know more details about SAP EarlyWatch Alert refer to Official SAP EarlyWatch Alert Support Offering ,1257308 – FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert. Refer to the blog   SAP EWA Workspace to gain an overview on your system landscape health.

To view the alerts that have been raised for missing side effect SAP Notes in your system, you can access the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Solution Finder and enter the text ‘Side Effect Notes’ in the Enter Search Term field.

Use this new check provided with the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service and provide feedback to SAP.