Error occurred during transmission with return code: NF_ADR


Message no. SO865 (An error occurred during transmission – return code: <NF_ADR>) popups when using BCS to send emails.


All the errors during BCS processing will be caught by cx_bcs and collected into BCS exceptions like the below:

data bcs_exception type ref to cx_bcs.
Try. catch cx_bcs into bcs_exception. message i865(so) with bcs_exception->error_type.


If an email address-related error happens, it’s highly likely to occur during the call of cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_direct_address.

 call function 'SO_ADDRESS_ID_GET' exporting address = i_address address_type = i_addr_type no_intern = l_no_intern no_adradmi = l_no_adradmi usage = l_pers_ref visname = i_visname importing addrnumber = l_addrnumber persnumber = l_persnumber lfdnr = l_consnumber exceptions address_not_found = 1 address_not_created = 2 parameter_error = 3 x_error = 4 others = 5. if sy-subrc <> 0. raise exception type cx_address_bcs exporting error_type = cx_address_bcs=>not_found. endif.

Run the Demo program ‘BCS_EXAMPLE_7’ with the email address list, and check whether the same error will occur or not.

  • If yes then check & remove all the special characters including SPACE. If still not working, debug this function module ‘SO_ADDRESS_ID_GET’ and check the return value of exception numbers like ‘1’ for address not found.
  • If not then debug how the email address has been fetched.