Flow Builder Plus: Enforce the document chain continues even it is an Info Account

Flow Builder Plus, is one of the kernel programs in SAP Cash Management, which target to generate cash flows from accounting documents as well as material documents.

As Flow Builder Plus now adopted the concept ‘Classification of G/L Account’ when analyzing the document chain, the chain will stop when ‘Info Account’ reached in the chain.

However, the business may sometime need the document chain go further even the ‘Info Account’ are reached, for instance, there is no meaningful ‘Liquidity Item’ when reached ‘Info Account’ and it may fetch out a more meaningful Liquidity Item if the chain goes deeper.

To support this requirement, we need leverage the extensibility which offered by Flow Builder Plus.

Firstly, we need make it clear that which method could help us on that part:

BAdI ‘FCLM_FB2_EXT’ was introduced to handle the document chain related logic. And among the methods of that BADI, method ‘FINAL_DECISION_EXT’ play the key role here for the requirement, within this method, the ‘FINAL’ flag controls whether the document chain reaches its final (the end) or not. Besides method ‘FINAL_DECISION_EXT’, metho ‘DOC_FKONT_EXT’ is also contribute on that part by set the FKONT value.


BAdI interface

Second, we also understand what’s Flow Builder Plus’s default logic.

Flow Builder Plus, to keep the compatibility as Flow Builder 1.0, provide a default BAdI implementation for BADI ‘FCLM_FB2_EXT’:


Default Implementation

Within its default implementation, the default logic will treat the GL account which defined in table FLQACC_INFO_APP. with the ‘FURTHER’ set to ‘X’ as the stopper despite the FKONT value the GL account could be.

Then, it is the time to make the decision to how deal with your situation. Normally there are two approaches:

  • For customers who coming from Liquidity Planner, their system used to treat GL account defined in table FLQACC_INFO_APP as Info Account while ‘FURTHER’ flag is the switch to let the document chain continues. In this way, you may need create an implement which follows the LP way and overwrite Flow Builder Plus’s default implementation.
  • For customers who running with Flow Builder 1.0 and get familiar with its logic already, you may need create an implementation to let Flow Builder Plus when to continues. For instance, whitelist the GL accounts though it is Info Account, but it shall not stop the document chain tracing.

Hope this post helps.