Spam traps explained

The type of Spam Trap is defined by the type of email address that is used:

  1. Pristine Spam Traps
  2. Recycled Spam Traps

Pristine Spam Traps are brand new addresses which have never been used for anything, so the owner can guarantee that it’s never been used to sign up for any content. This means that anything arriving in this kind of trap will be very easy to identify as Spam (exceptions could include misspelt email addresses, or fake addresses used to bypass a registration page that happen to match the spam trap’s address).

Recycled Spam Traps are old addresses which have been abandoned by the users, and then reactivated after a certain period of inactivity. These traps are excellent at highlighting bad practices by marketers such as poor list hygiene, as well as spam, typos or fakes.