How to find Customer/User Exists in SAP ABAP? Exit for Batch Management

Hello, my fellow ABAPers,

In this blog, we are going to learn about what is Customer/ User exists for any transaction in sap.

So it is the place or area where we can add our custom logic which will get executed along with the Standard SAP code.

In this case, we are taking the example of User Exit for Batch Management. Let’s check how to proceed with it.

To create Batch execute the Tcode – MSC1n


Go to system -Status.

Check and click on the program and open it.

Once program got open click on Goto – Attributes

Check the package and note it for the next execution.

Goto transaction SMOD to check the available enhancements.

Click on Find

Put the package as VB (which we got from the program) and execute.

Below is the list of different enhancements which are available for this Tcode

We have double-clicked on the SAPLV01Z here we get 2 function modules where we need to check the documentation if available or we need to apply break-point and try to check if it is getting triggered.

Double click on the Include and hit enter to get it into the include… and here you can write and do the customization.


By this way, we can find the right enhancement to enhance the SAP standard Tcode / Code.