Build Confidence when Meeting with Customers

Struggling with positioning a powerful value story with your customer?

Looking for best practices? Look no further. We have you covered!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new, self-guided, training module for partner sales and presales in several learning journeys (see table below for details). The newly released e-Learning «Level 100 – Positioning the value of…» can be found in the «Start with an Overview» section of the respective learning journey.

It consists of four modules each:

  • Positioning the value of … 

    Learn how to build confidence when meeting with your customers and positioning a powerful value story that meets their business needs. You will discover positioning techniques, qualifying questions to ask and learn how to conduct value driven discussions with your customers.

  • Sharing customer success stories 

    Understand why a customer choses SAP and how you can apply a customer success story to create a vision for your customer to drive demand, increase consumption/adoption or expand their use case. By leveraging success stories with your customer, you can help to deliver trust, generate demand, accelerate their journey as well as support your efforts to upsell and cross-sell.

  • Overcoming the competition 

    Get details on how to position against your competition as you work with your customers. Discover best practices on how to defend against competitors, review win themes and highlight key differentiators to best prepare you for handling the competition out in the field.

  • Take an optional 5-questions knowledge check, required to complete the training.

We strongly recommend this training to our partner sales and presales colleagues to gain the solution-related knowledge required to consistently and effectively position the value of the respective solution to the C-Suite.

Why wait? Start your training today. Click on below links to access the respective learning journey for your role:

Author of the blog: Christine Bauni