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  Session ID Title and Abstract Speaker(s)   Tuesday, November 15



Architecting the Future: SAP’s Composable ERP Strategy

Composable ERP and modular ERP are key in IT strategies today. They promise agility and flexibility for innovations through the modular deployment and flexible consumption of ERP components. SAP’s intelligent enterprise suite based on SAP Business Technology Platform offers the capabilities and flexibility to redefine your ERP landscape. Stefan Batzdorf, CTO of SAP S/4HANA, and Paul Saunders, chief SAP S/4HANA strategist, outline SAP’s composable ERP strategy and best practices for realization.  

Stefan Batzdorf,

Paul Saunders, SAP



Building the ERP Strategy for 2030: Emerging Technology Trends

Are we ready for the new age of ERP? By 2030, ERP is set to further evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of users and their business goals. In this session, SAP S/4HANA Head of Product Strategy Paul Saunders and Head of SAP Innovation Center Network Yaad Oren share their thoughts on the top emerging trends that will drive technology innovation for the next decade.  

Yaad Oren,

Paul Saunders, SAP

Holger Bruchelt, Microsoft



Develop Full-Stack Applications in SAP Business Application Studio

Learn how developers can build full-blown applications in minutes including back-end services, connections to APIs from SAP S/4HANA and UI applications with only visual editors in SAP Business Application Studio. Experience how these projects are based on SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Fiori elements, or the mobile development kit. Find out how developers can switch at any time from visual to textual editors from VS Code, continuing development with traditional coding.  

Tim Back,

Yuval Anafi, SAP



SAP Mobile Start – The Intelligent Enterprise at Your Fingertips

Get insights into the SAP Mobile Start app, its business value, and how it is used by our customers and within SAP. Watch a demo on how the app can support your business transformation. See the latest services that run on SAP Business Technology Platform, such as the SAP Launchpad service and SAP Task Center service, plus the latest Apple and Android technologies. Understand your options for migrating to SAP Mobile Start from the SAP Fiori Client mobile app.  

Thilo Berndt,

Robert Wassermann, SAP



Learn About Our ABAP Platform Extensibility Strategy

Our ABAP Platform strategy focuses on the different extensibility options that customers and partners are looking for: side-by-side extensibility with SAP Business Technology Platform, ABAP environment, in-application extensibility, and on-stack developer extensibility with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ABAP environment. The focus is on cloud-ready, upgrade-stable extensions for solutions such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP S/4HANA.  

Florian Wahl,

Karl Kessler, SAP

  Wednesday, November 16



Integrate rich graphics from SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) into classic ERP screens

Modernize classic ERP transactions with interactive and intuitive content from SAP Analytics Cloud. Learn how we integrated rich graphics into 95 classic application screens using SAP Screen Personas. See how we personalized screens for our sales team, focusing them on what matters with rich visualizations and the ability to interact with charts, tables, and maps.

Sebastian Dahlmann, Dr. Schumacher

Peter Spielvogel, SAP



Bringing UI to the Next Level with SAPUI5 and UI5 Web Components

SAPUI5 is the UI technology layer in our offering for professional developers on SAP Business Technology Platform, and the number-one choice to build and elevate the SAP Fiori user experience and beyond. This lecture takes you on a journey through the latest capabilities in SAPUI5, SAP Fiori elements and UI5 Web Components. Whether building custom application or extending standard applications, building UIs with SAPUI5 has never been as easy and flexible.  

Oliver Graeff,

Stefan Beck,

Peter Muessig, SAP



Leveraging a Golden Path of Application Development on SAP BTP

This lecture provides the latest news around SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, the framework of best-practices and preconfigured solutions from SAP for building enterprise-grade services and applications in SAP Business Application Studio. Learn about the latest product features, enablement activities, and why SAP Cloud Application Programming Model is a key building block in the professional developer offering on SAP Business Transformation Platform (SAP BTP).  

Christian Georgi,

Daniel Hutzel, SAP



User Experience Innovations That Make Our Users More Efficient in the Cloud

SAP introduced a major evolution of “My Home” in SAP S/4HANA Cloud that’s optimized for the new Horizon visual theme to improve usability. Building on SAP Fiori launchpad, My Home enables users to get the information they need quickly on any device. To foster collaboration, the Microsoft Teams integration allows sharing information from any UI within SAP S/4HANA Cloud using the “Share to Microsoft Teams” function. Tell us what other collaborative uses cases you have in mind.  

Alex Lingg,

Christian Hoffmann, SAP



Extend SAP S/4HANA with New Back-End Capabilities in SAP AppGyver

Do you need to build an extension for your SAP S/4HANA software and want to keep the core clean? The new back-end capabilities in the SAP AppGyver tool allow you to rapidly build full-stack applications with SAP S/4HANA, leveraging visual programming.  

Mari Hirvi, SAP



Simplify Application Composition in SAP Business Application Studio

Nestlé developed a new application with the professional developer offering from SAP to streamline its hiring processes and tackle the large number of new hires. Using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, it created an application that connects different sources such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions and payroll through the SAP Cloud Integration service for data services. In doing so, Nestlé has dramatically reduced its hiring processing time.  

Duvan Garcia, Nestle

Yuval Anafi, SAP