Transport Status List Tool

Dear Community,

I’d like to share again a tool with You – contributing back – from whom I received many times help in the past 2 decades. One of my colleagues needed help in release management few days ago. I remembered something from the past I developed to support such work, what I did previously as well. So I removed the dust, polished it from a procedural to a fake OO solution :), despite the tool is still doing its Job :).


It supports release management, monitoring Transport Request status in target systems.


Transport Status List



  • List transports after certain release date
  • Shows release date and import Return Codes(RC) and dates in target systems
  • Shows which request contains OSS Notes
  • Double-click on the line shows transport request log


  • Pull this ABAPGit repository:
  • Set your system IDs in constants in gc_sysid_dev/qua/prd
  • In case You have Pre-Production system set gc_sysid_prpr as well



Enjoy 😉