Enterprise Support Continuous Quality Checks (CQC): September 2022 UPDATE

Continuous Quality Checks (CQC) are remote services that help you to reduce technical risks and outline optimization potential. The benefits of CQCs are reduced time and budget for implementations and innovations, as well as improved system performance, availability, stability, and data consistency. In addition, you will receive proactive hands-on help from SAP.

The typical scope would be:​

  • Smooth start of production (before go live) – Guide customers to a smooth start-of-production by reviewing current configuration settings against SAP Best Practices. To ensure system efficiency and stability.
  • Optimization and Performance Improvement – Ensure the best performance for business-critical steps in the cloud solutions. And the integration for hybrid scenario via the SAP Cloud Platform Integration​

and the Outcome

  • The results are presented in a Service Report with findings of recommendations and action plans for the project team​
  •  In the future, we will utilize the Cloud ALM to present the result in an interactive manner, with actionable items​

Depends on your Customer Experience Solution you are running, see which CQC is available for you

Also it is relevant to have clear in which project phase applies each one in order to plan when to request it

Value map for Front Office roles_092022.jpg

Please,  contact the Value map team. if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner – SAP Customer Experience Solutions