CPG Roadshow: Accelerate innovations with sustainability


Accelerate your digital transformation and shorten time to value

Do you want to orchestrate and execute consumer experiences and outcomes with embedded intelligence directly in the moments of need?

Join us to discover how to transform your consumer products company into an intelligent, sustainable, and agile enterprise by unlocking continuous business process improvement and innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

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As the world starts to move closer toward a post-pandemic economy, consumer products companies are shifting their attention to new product innovations, sustainability, and business transparency while advancing their supply chain resilience. Today, the challenge of consumer product companies is to meet consumers in moments of opportunity.

Innovative consumer product companies are now taking a broader view of the consumer journey and working to deliver personalized experiences within the context of the outcomes the consumer is trying to achieve.

The moments of opportunity approach to the business demands greater agility, resiliency, skilled talent across the enterprise, and the shift to more network thinking. True business innovation requires digital technologies that can solve a business challenge and deliver new business models as fast as the consumer demands.

SAP Business Technology Platform helps consumer products companies to balance not only top-line growth and bottom-line results (which they have always strived for), but now to balance the green-line, in terms of being environmentally responsible. This allows to grow their margins in sustainable ways.

Consumer products business process managers can orchestrate and execute consumer experiences and outcomes with embedded intelligence directly in the moments of need. They can improve customer experience by having a 360-degree view of customers by combining multiple data sources, and thereby reduce customer churn.

The Key account managers can increase effectiveness of marketing promotions with data-driven insights across customer lifecycle, and develop new market insights, establish end-to-end business network visibility and deliver trusted products and processes.

Supply chain managers can get end-to-end supply chain visibility and enhance operational efficiency by a data driven approach with a holistic view of supply networks. They can improve profitability by reducing days in inventory and improving on-time delivery performance.

Consumer Products production supervisor can reduce unplanned downtime and outages with predictive maintenance and optimize quality costs with one unified data platform.

Overall, BTP helps optimize existing business processes and enable new next generation end-to-end processes and ecosystem-based operations. It also enables autonomous business processes within consumer products companies to free knowledge workers, engage customers and consumers, and improve overall performance.