Certification Guide for SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)

Hello, Developers/Architects/Managers

Thank you for your overwhelming responses to my last post on SAP BTP Roadmap – “Developer is the KING”

I got lots of queries from many of you regarding the certification in SAP BTP. And that’s a good sign, it’s the right time to upgrade your skill set in SAP.

Like :

“Partha, I’m an ABAP Developer, having good knowledge in OData APIs, and a little bit of FIORI, now started learning BTP, which certification I should take?”

“Partha, can you please help me, with which BTP certification I should go, I’m a HANA Developer with OData knowledge”

“Can you please suggest to me which SAP BTP cert is appropriate for me, I’m a PI PO developer, thanks Partha”

“I’m from BI/BW background, which certification is appropriate”

“I used to as BASIS consultant, which one to pick from SAP BTP Certification, please help Partha”

“Partha, is there anything for SAP Functional-consultants in BTP”

All those friends of mine started learning SAP BTP and a few of them started working on BTP projects.

So, as always, I tried to respond to all of you!

But this time I thought to make it in the diagram and put it in a single place so that many of the community members can get benefits out of it, without much hassle.

You can download the detailed version of the SAP BTP Certification.

Download PDF – Click here


SAP BTP Certification

Further read, like who can go for which certifications.

[Application Developer] – ABAP, FIORI, HANA, and OData developer(s) or newcomers who want to be a backend, frontend, database, or full-stack cloud developer can go for Extension Suite (C_CPE_13) & SAP HANA Cloud 1.0 (C_HCDEV_01)

[Analytics Developer] – BI/BW Developers, or newcomers in business analyst can go for Analytics Cloud (C_SAC_2215) & HANA Cloud Modeling (C_HCMOD_02)

[Integration Developer] – SAP PI/PO developers or maybe anyone can become an Integration developer in BTP, and can go for Integration Suite (C_CPI_14)

[Administrator] – Our old-school BASIS folks can go for SAP HANA Provisioning & Administration (C_HCADM_02)

[Citizen Developer] – Our SAP Functional-consultants can go for Low-code/No-code Applications and Automations (C_LCNC_01)

You can download the detailed version of the SAP BTP Certification.

Download PDF – Click here

And if you want to practice for SAP BTP Extension Suite before the actual exam, you can take the Mock test with 40 question for FREE.

Mock Test – Click here

So far whatever I said, is completely based on my own experience.

We can always discuss this topic further.
I will try to reply to the comment section here. You can also reach out to me.

For more info on SAP BTP Certification, you can browse through Denys van Kempen blog here

Thank you for reading!