CloudFoundry – Lost or Missing OrgManager

There are situations, when a Cloud Foundry Org is left without at active Org Manager. In such situations an active SubAccount Administrator can add a new Org Manager via the following process

  1. Subaccount Admin navigates to “BTP Cockpit -> Instances and Subscriptions -> Environments” – this is the table on the bottom of the screen
  2. There should be one “Cloud Foundry Runtime” Environment entry in the table
  3. Select “Update” from the “…” menu
  4. Press “Next >” to go to the next screen, where a JSON can be provided.
  5. Use the following format to provide the user details:

    "usersToAdd": [
            "email": "<e-mail>",
            "id": "<S-User from>"


6. Press “Update Instance” to complete the process

The Update takes a few seconds to complete, and once done, the chosen user will become Org Manager. To complete the process, this configuration has to be removed, else there will be errors like “User <Name> is already Org Manager”. To remove the configuration – follow the steps above, but replace the text from 5.) with “{}” and update the instance again