where my cool (SAP) stuff happens …

last changed: 16th of September, 2022

where my cool (SAP) stuff happens …

What started as a little sidekick into the World of SAP S/4HANA especially the wide Area of SAP Upgrade, is now a comprehensive list of useful Information around various Topics in the Area of SAP Basis Technology, nowadays called BTP (Business Transformation Platform, or simply SAP Cloud)

the first stuff …

these were some of my first Blogs on the new SAP Community Platform, and we had a few of them 😉

where my true heads beats …

since the days when Sybase became part of the SAP Family, I was writing Articles about the Sybase IQ Database and our main SAP Use Cases for BW and ERP, now BW/4 and S/4 for HANA

SAP Upgrade and S/4HANA

SAP S/4 HANA is always a good source for training the SAP technical Upgrade and keep up to date with the SAP Software Logistics Tools

Presentation – Upgrade S/4HANA Version 2020 -Basis View

25 Years of SAP BW

When I go back to my first days at SAP (Switzerland), I can remember one of my first Presentation talking about the R/3 Add-On for Data Warehousing 1.0, which a few Month later became the first standalone Version of SAP BIW 1.2A, the second Product after R/3 at SAP.
One of my part time Manager at this time was asking me, how many Installation I will do in a Year. He stated 1-2 and I have proved him pretty soon a countless Number of Customers.

Solving several Mysteries …

Digging deeper into cross topics was always in my interest, as we forgot to take care of one of our core values: not only knowing something in details, also know to connect the Systems on-premise and now more and more SAP Cloud and Hyperscaler Worlds as well.
Blog – another Mystery solved – connect Diagnostic Agent properly

Another sidekick: SAP Solution Manager is still one of the greatest hidden objects game from SAP with almost no value in return. It is simply time consuming …

SAP Data Intelligence

When SAP entered the “Kubernetes Adventure” to deliver a ground breaking connectivity Solution called SAP DI, it was also not foreseen that it would be needed workbench for SAP BW/4 to connect to the purchased Products bought by SAP. However, Customers have to toad swallow, when they want to use the functionality: some Cloud is mandatory, either SAP Cloud or Hyperscaler.

Additional Topics to mention …

As every good chef knows his tools, it is also elementy that working with SAP technology also needs sharpened tools by hand. So investigating on the SAP Client side is also helpful when working with all kind of SAP Systems.

Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics, SAP SE

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”