Concento RDG provides an effortless Cross Entity Rule Derivation

Concento™ Rapid Data Governance (RDG) is an SAP UI5 Cloud-Based Application that builds on the SAP Business Technology Platform to automate MDG customizing and enhancements. It provides an elegant UI and sensible logic to help users to perform necessary tasks for a typical SAP MDG implementation. It automates Data Model Maintenance, Workflow Configuration and Business Rules with an intuitive and elegant graphical interface, so users with limited specialized technical experience can perform MDG configurations.

Typically, a user must perform the steps described to create the Cross Entity Derivation.

Badi for cross entities, usmd_rule_service_cross_et.

  1. In SE18, enter the Badi name and display it.
  2. Right-click and create badi implementation.
  3. Enter Enhancement Class.
  4. The screen allows you to view and edit the implementation. 

Concento RDG provides a powerful User Interface that helps a business user create MultiValue Derivation Cross Entity Rule.

Step 1:  Create the Cross Entity Derivation Rule in Concento RDG

Step 2: Trigger the Rule in the NWBC application

  • The rules created in the previous step are triggered when creating a Change Request of the type for which the rules were created in the RDG application.
  • The above example shows how the Concento RDG provides a user-friendly interface to create Cross Entity Derivations.

Concento RDG is a certified SAP BTP solution available on SAP App Store. To know more details about the product, check the blog  Partner Add-on Solution.

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