Docusign moving to OAuth 2.0 – Deprecating Basic Auth Soon


My previous article Integration with DocuSign for Plan Distribution – Save Paper & Time was detailed with Basic Auth for Authentication is now deprecating after Docusign Announcement and they are moving to OAuth 2.0..

All the customers using Basic Auth can now refer below for making changes to you authentication type in SAP Commissions

From October 20th 2022, DocuSign will begin accepting OAuth 2.0 to authenticate, KNOW MORE

Go to Docusign Admin Account – and go to Settings and left menu – Apps and Keys and Copy the User ID

After you copied, Go to SAP Commissions – Commissions – System PreferencesCommunicator Configuration  –  Enable Dousign Settings –  update the User ID

Authentication will confirm succesfully and redirect this to below page if its completed.

Next step .. you can follow below blog for Plan Documents with Docusign esignature as example

Integration with DocuSign for Plan Distribution – Save Paper & Time