What to-do when you want to become an Administrator for an IAS tenant

In this blog, we will explain the process that needs to be processed before creating a technical support case with SAP Product Support.

  1. Use Case Current Administrator of the IAS tenant is unknown or unavailable:
    1. When the administrator is not known and you need to add an additional Administrator, you need to visit SAP Cloud Identity Services – Tenants application in order to verify that none of the listed Administrator are not available or working in the company.To be able to check the IAS tenants who belongs to your company (customer ID) and the corresponding tenant administrators you need to login in “SAP Cloud Identity Services – Tenants” application with S-user who belongs to the same customer ID.
    2. If the Administrator still working in the company and moved to another department, or to a different role SAP cannot add a new Administrator, the reason for this Is:
      “Due to possible legal issues, SAP adds additional tenant administrators only in exceptional cases (the existing tenant administrator is not available anymore -> example: left the company or there are no any active tenant administrators in tenant). ”
      The already existing tenant administrator need to add additional. Each tenant administrator can add additional tenant administrators – it is a self-service. More about this: Add Administrators
  2. Use Case Administrator is known:
      1. In this case, please follow the following KBA:
        2570572 – How to add Administrators to Identity Authentication tenants