What is Beyond Remote Logistics Management?

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This is my first blog post on SAP. My ambition is to publish once a week with different topics about the BRLM- solution, and project. Please like and follow me if you want to read more about the subject.

I am working as one of the leads for the project that is developing the next generation of RLM ÔÇô Remote Logistics Management for the Offshore industry. The project is a collaboration between Equinor and SAP to develop a new solution. The project has been running for a couple of years now, but I joined the project early this year, we are now approaching go-live for the first version of the solution.

The current RLM solution is mostly used by upstream oil & gas companies and is now emerging into the offshore wind as well. The first version of RLM was also developed as a joint

 venture between Equinor (Statoil back then) and SAP back in early 2000. The solution has been very equal to it was for almost twenty years with only minor updates, improvements, and enhancements. In other words, it is about time for an upgrade.

The BRLM solution is based on two newer modules EWM (Extended warehouse management) and TM (Transportation Management) running on an S4/HANA environment decentralized from the ERP core. On top of the modules, we are developing the industry-specific features which I will come back to in later posts. If you are interested to go deeper into the EWM topic look in to the community 

There are several reasons why this solution is very relevant for any business in the offshore industry. The first is that the current RLM is not compatible with S/4HANA and will have to be run in compatibility mode and will be decommissioned in some years.

The BRLM solution is being built in a futureproof way and because it is run in a decentralized system it supports both ECC and S/4HANA and could be a natural first step for a lot of upstream businesses to move to S/4HANA.

It also acts as an enabler for a lot of cloud technology. We will use BTP Central launchpad to bridge the different systems and BTP Cloud integrations for integrating with third-party systems. We are looking at SAC to replace a lot of legacy z-reports. And will be using the native SAP Mobile start app running on IOS/Apple and iPhone. And since the solution is being built in a futureproof way it enables use-cases for Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future.

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