Selenium remote WebDriver infrastructure for Synthetic User Monitoring with SAP Cloud ALM

Ho to configure CALM ist well explaint from Xavier DUPEYRAT  in his Article Synthetic User Monitoring for S/4 HANA with SAP Cloud ALM

But, what is “the Selenium remote WebDriver infrastructure”? How to configure it? Is it version 3 or 4?

All this Questions are out of Focus, but you need it, you need to know how to configure!


Here are my findings (for the moment)

Which version should I use?

Only Verision 3 is working (tried with verision 4, but I always have a Error like “”message”: “Unable to find handler for (GET) \u002fwd\u002fhub”.

Which operating system should I use?

Use Ubuntu Linux – because Docker Desktop for Windows doesn’t run stable!

how should i start it?

Use Containers:

  1. download image with “docker pull selenium/standalone-chrome-debug:3.141.59-20210607”
  2. start image with “docker run -d -p 4444:4444 –shm-size=”2g” selenium/standalone-chrome-debug:3.141.59-20210607″

That’s it, easy – go on configure the Runner in CALM ! 🙂

May you have a wonderful journey with SAP Cloud ALM. Thanks for reading. I would be happy getting some Feedback. Let’s work together!