SAP Cloud Application Programming Model | Third Customer Roundtable

It is my please to announce the third SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Customer Roundtable. I am the Head of Delivery of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and I can promise again interesting topics around the topic of implementing application for the cloud.

While this is the third roundtable in a row lets have a short retrospection on the last two customer roundtables. While in the first roundtable we introduced three highly interesting topics like (1) Messaging and Persistent Outbox, (2) Improved SAP HANA Support and (3) our Simplified Deployment Guide, in the second round we put the emphasis more on Q&A. Nevertheless with (1) Deployment to Kyma and (2) Streamlined MT we had to hot topics on our Agenda.

The success of both customer roundtables is motivating us now to conduc the third one. We got lot of encouraging feedback, so that we are planning to stick to our meetings series to present every three months the latest news on features and development with regards to the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

Again the focus will be on two most current and hot topics followed by an extended Q&A time slot. For this our Chief Product Owner Daniel Hutzel , responsible development managers like Ole Lilienthal , Sebastian Schmidt or Michael Spahn will be present. As well as the Product Owners for node.js- and java stacks and product owners of corresponding compilers and tools. Therefore we can guarantee for a highly qualified session and in-deepth first hand discussions and answers.

This preliminary agenda looks like the following

  1. Retrospection on last Customer Roundtable
  2. Streamlined MTX with special focus on the support of Feature Toggles
  3. tbd
  4. Q&A

Meeting Information

When: Wednesday, October 5th, 11 AM EST | 5 PM CEST (quarterly rhythm)

Where: Zoom Meeting – please register in advance here

Meeting Request Downloadlink


  • All interested partners and stakeholders are invited to join: developers, enterprise architects, technical consultants…
  • The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model team: among others Sebastian Schmidt & me (as hosts), Michael Spahn (Development Manager) Daniel Hutzel (Chief Product Owner), Ole Lilienthal (Head), and further team members, e.g. Product Owners and Architects
  • Anyone interested in learning about the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and exchange your ideas and feedback with other users and the product team

Looking forward to seeing you there!
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