Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Two-Tier ERP

Welcome to the summary blog for Manufacturing and Supply Chain in Two-Tier ERP. Here you will find useful informative links to help you deploy different Manufacturing and Supply Chain scenarios with business use cases in Two-Tier ERP.



Supply Chain

What’s New Blogs with innovations in Manufacturing and Supply Chain


You can also learn more about our innovation scenarios with ‘How to’ videos and demos with our new Two-Tier ERP Microlearning channel.

Whitelisted APIs

SAP has also released several APIs to facilitate Two-Tier ERP deployment. The details of the APIs can be found in API Hub and also in What’s New Viewer. You can use these APIs to integrate different systems and build new business use case scenarios with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Customer Guides and Accelerators

Two-Tier ERP Accelerators, User Guides and End-to-End Business Processes for Manufacturing and Supply Chain can be downloaded from Best Practice Explorer as shown in below screenshot.


Figure1: SAP Best Practice Explorer for Manufacturing Two-Tier ERP

SAP Learning Hub

Two-Tier ERP Early Release Series live session replays with innovations in Manufacturing and Supply Chain is available on SAP Learning hub.


Delta Training plays a major role in keeping our partners up to date. Partners deep dive sessions registration takes place via PartnerEdge. Replays of our Webinar series is available in our Partner Edge Library post registration.

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