New Learning Program available: Manage your SAP Commerce Cloud by using Dynatrace

We are happy to announce that a new LP in ready for you, customer!

Yes, we know that Commerce cloud ecosystem is very complete and looking for clarify each area, we already have created content that provides you all you need to know about  Dynatrace.

Dynatrace enables monitoring of your entire infrastructure including your hosts, processes, and network. You can perform log monitoring and view information such as the total traffic of your network, the CPU usage of your hosts, the response time of your processes, and more.

In this learning program you will learn that using Dynatrace with SAP Commerce Cloud will help you to monitor your site to ensure that your implementation meets your expectations, helps you to foresee and resolve issues before they happen, and provides analysis to devise solutions when issues arise

The goals are:

  • Discover the features of Dynatrace and also understand how to get started with it to monetize your SAP Commerce Public Cloud solution

  • Learn how to create your own dashboards in Dynatrace

  • Learn SAP best practices to detect storefront performance issues as early as possible

  • Learn how to prepare your solution for peak events, including tips and tricks for common areas that affect performance

 Sign up for the SAP Enterprise Support value maps by requesting access to SAP Learning Hub or join the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps Learning Room if you already have access.

Contact the value map team for SAP Customer Experience solutions for guidance.

Kind Regards

Mónica Domingo

Global Topic Owner – SAP Customer Experience Solutions