SAP AI Core and Launchpad Initial Setup with boosters

I am writing this blog to describe setup procedures of SAP AI Core and Launchpad.  I used mainly boosters.

Subaccount is created and configured.

1. AI Core Initial Setup

Use “Set up Account for SAP AI Core” boosters from global account view.

AI Core setup Wizard(1/4)

AI Core setup Wizard(2/4)

If you don’t have a subaccount, then choose “Create Subaccount”.

AI Core setup Wizard(3/4)

AI Core setup Wizard(4/4)

2. Create AI Core service key

The steps are exactly same as the ones of Help Portal.

After the creation, download the service key for a later step.

3. AI Launchpad Setup

Use “Set up Account for SAP AI Launchpad” boosters from global account view.

AI Launchpad setup Wizard(1/4)

AI Launchpad setup Wizard(2/4)

AI Launchpad setup Wizard(3/4)

AI Launchpad setup Wizard(4/4)

4. Assign Role Collections of AI Launchpad to users

Assign role collections of AI Launchpad to users.  I didn’t check the necessary role collections exactly.

5. Connect AI Launchpad to AI Core

Go to AI Launchpad application.

Add an AI API connection by using AI Core service key file, which is downloaded at step 1.

Though this blog post is so simple, I hope it helps someone to start with AI Core and Launchpad.