Apple M1 and real SAP Basis Support

last changed: 29th of August 2022

Apple M1 and real SAP Basis Support

Inspired by  the long history in the Apple Device usage (going back to the first Apple PowerBook 170 in 1993) and the recently purchase of an Apple MacBook Air with the new M1 Chip, I wanted to figure out, if it is really possible my SAP main working device (currently a Lenovo Yoga X1 can be replaced by a Apple MacBook Pro with the new M2 ARM Chip.

Over the time, I have added several (SAP Basis) Administration Tools which are used intensively to organize the SAP System components I need for the daily work

So is there really an Alternative available for the new Apple MacBook Pro/Air Devices with the M Chip? What is out of Question is the Microsoft Office365 Support including the new Outlook for Mac, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.

Tools like Zoom, WhatsApp, Chrome, Mozilla, Acrobat Reader, Jabra, etc are available in all flavors.

Furthermore the needed Security/VPN Tools are available for macOS as well, and out internal IT provided a complete support/migration from one OS to another (Self Service Mac@SAP)

my short list looks currently like that:

So let’s see how these tools can really make the life of an SAP Basis Administrator easier, using an Apple Device instead of an Windows Device. Why MacWhy Windows

the new SAP Java GUI 7.80