Fast Track to SAP Certification on SAP Cloud Solutions for Consultants in the EMEA Region

SAP’s new Fast Track to SAP Certification for Consultants on SAP Cloud Solutions gives partners discounted access to SAP Certification and training programs, helping them grow their credibility and stand out from the competition.

SAP Certification positions partners as a valuable transformation specialist, with a workforce equipped with current and validated SAP skills. What’s more, certification helps to set partners apart as best-in-class, credible businesses, giving customers the confidence to choose them to lead their digital transformation. Plus, customers feel more confident working together with certified partners and our SAP Partner Finder helps them understand where they can find capacity and accredited skills within our ecosystem.

The demand for SAP-certified experts is rapidly growing, and every day, SAP certifies around 300 consultants. Now partners can get discounted access to over 150 certifications in nine languages through SAP’s Fast Track Initiative.

Fast Track to Certification trainings are delivered for consultants by SAP Training & Adoption and are part of SAP Training & Adoption standard open calendar. Each Fast Track to Certification covers the full product/solution knowledge needed to get the official SAP certification.

SAP offers Fast Track to Certification with a promotion that reduces the price comparing to standard training prices:

  • 3 SEATS for the price of 2 and/or
  • Reimbursement of 600€ per attendee through SAP Business Development Funds
  • Or cover up to 100% of your cost with SAP Marketing Development Funds

Fast Track to Certification price promotion and benefits are only applicable to EMEA partners. To qualify, consultants must complete their training within three months.

Summing up: with SAP Fast Track to Certification, consultants can learn how to elevate competencies, upskill consulting knowledge, get certified on SAP Cloud solutions, and boost your Cloud business.

Visit the Partner Benefits Catalog for details.