Real Time Provisioning – Users from IAS to Target System

Dear All,

As a Identity Authentication – tenant administrator, you can now configure target systems for real-time provisioning and provision users to these target systems.


  • Identity Authentication Admin Access
  • Target System SCIM API URL (SCIM 2.0)

Provision Users to Target Systems

Tenant administrators can provision users of Identity Authentication to Identity Provisioning target systems .

At a High Level Flow


  1. Access the tenant’s administration console for Identity Authentication by using the console’s URL.
    The URL has the following pattern: https://<tenant ID>​
  2. Choose the list item of the target system that you want to provision the users to
    ## Below url is for SAP Commissions SCIM API as an example https://<tenantId> 
  3. Press Provision.

    If the operation is successful, the system displays the message <number of users> provisioned.

    Target System

    You will able to see the users are now created in Target System with appropriate groups assigned.