SAP Document and Reporting Compliance: Manifesto Eletrônico de Documentos Fiscais (MDF-e)

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I’m User Assistance responsible for SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, outbound invoicing option for Brazil and in this blog post I share with you our good news: we release a new feature that enables you to send MDF-e (Manifesto Eletrônico de Documentos Fiscais) to the cloud.

The MDF-e is an electronic fiscal document that enables you to communicate with the Brazilian tax authorities. You can register and track the goods transportation, you identify the transport responsible, and the MDF-e also enables you to register others information related to the transport.

To send an MDF-e electronic fiscal documents you need to do some steps. But it is easy, we promise.

Be aware! SAP does not support the value 58 in the backend system, you should handle this as custom development. So, you must configure the MDF-e value appends in the J_1BMODEL domain. On this page you find how to add an entry for helping purpose:

You must do some requirements to enable your system to send MDF-e, since the SAP system does not create, edit, or control the status of the MDF-e electronic fiscal documents. Then, you must follow some steps on this documentation

And finally, you are able to send your MDF-e electronic fiscal documents to the Brazilian tax authorities!!!

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