How to enabale ALV grid display in MB5B in S4 HANA

There is an old requirement from functional side and end users for having MB5B in ALV grid display format. “Is it possible to display the result of transaction MB5B as ALV gird ?”

In this blog I will discuss the steps needed to enable ALV grid display format for tcode MB5B in S4 HANA.

Output of MB5B is as follows without “Output as ALV Grid” indicator.


Tcode: MB5B


To enable option of “Output in ALV Grid”. You have to activate the  business function.


Details is available in sap note.

2998335 – Activate “Output as ALV Grid” indicator in MBLB – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

After completing these steps output will be as follows showing “Output in ALV Grid” option.


Tcode: MB5B with Output as ALV Grid