SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop ‘RISE with SAP – Business Transformation as a Service’ (Virtual, September 06-07, 2022)


September 06-07, 2022


Dear Valued Customer,

On September 6 – 7, 2022 we will host a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop focusing on ‘RISE with SAP – Business Transformation as a Service’. Please find the current agenda here.

In this blog post you will learn more about the workshop, its value and session content and how to engage with us.

Our workshop focus – Rise with SAP

The key focus of the event is RISE with SAP which can be understood not a new product, but as a bundle of existing SAP assets that focus on providing customers with business-transformation-as-a-service. With this, RISE with SAP helps overcome many of the hurdles that existing on-premise and SAP ERP customers are facing. By combining what was once disparate, such as licensing and maintenance, for example, into one offering, a way for easier cloud implementations is paved.

This SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop is designed to help you understand the solutions included in RISE with SAP, different deployment models of RISE with SAP, Network integration and Security aspects while adopting RISE with SAP, its licensing model and how to migrate to RISE with SAP.

The agenda and sessions – What to expect

On the first day, the workshop will start with an introduction and welcome by Venkateswara Rao Chava who is the Head of the SAP MaxAttention Centre of Expertise India.

This will be followed by a RISE with SAP overview which gives you the opportunity to learn more about Business Transformation as a Service and the different paths and opportunities for RISE with SAP.

After this overview, Manoj Nair will present the topic of Cloud Service Architecture in relation to RISE with SAP with a view on the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Deployment Models, Service Level Agreements, Business Continuity Management as well as Roles & Responsibilities.

After a short break, the key matter of Cybersecurity & Compliance will be elaborated by Jana Subramanian, with Shailendra Kumar providing more details around Intelligent ERP from Your own Data Center in a next session.

On the second day, we will initiate the workshop with a welcome and recap of the first day by Satyajit Arlikar, followed by Pushkar Bhat who will present the Licensing Mole related to Rise with SAP and a session SAP Business Technology Platform.

After again a short break, the events last session will highlight How to bring your IT Landscape to the Cloud with SAP’s Multi Cloud Strategy by Ashok Jha.

The workshop will end with time for an open discussion and interchange with the SAP experts and there will be again room for questions.

Engage with us – Register for this exclusive event

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