Key Insights for Subaccount Migration in SAP BTP with SAP Open Connectors

SAP BTP is required to support the option to move subaccounts between different global accounts for external customers, when triggered by a commercial contractual change (not as a self-service). The following blog will inform you about the specifics with regards to Open Connectors, capability of SAP Integration Suite. 


1.  Good to Know: No Automatic Change to Open Connectors URL 

The Open Connectors URL on the SAP Integration Suite provisioning page will not automatically be updated to feature the new global account. Instead, the previous URL will stay intact and will still allow users to log into the Open Connectors tenant.  


Note: If you de-activate SAP Open Connectors and re-activate it again, the SAP Open Connectors URL will contain a new global account value. In this case, the previous URL associated with a different global account will not work anymore. 


2. Good to Know: Organization Secret Stays Intact  

If you move your subaccount to a given global account, the organization secret will not change, but keep the same value of the original global account. 

However, the organization secret will change in the following cases: 

  1. If you reset the organization secret of the original global account. 
  1. If you de-activate SAP Open Connectors and re-activate it.
    Note: In this case, the organization secret will not be affected if you reset the organization secret of the original global account. 



3. Good to Know: Formulas Can Continued to be Used 

The formulas of the original global account remain visible and useable for your Open Connectors tenant which has been moved to another global account. 

Yet, consider the following implications when migrating subaccounts to another global account: 

  1. You have only 1 tenant: There is no effect after you’ve moved to a new global account, go ahead! 
  1. You have multiple tenants: Follow the following steps to avoid errors. 
  1. De-activate SAP Open Connectors. 
  1. Re-activate SAP Open Connectors. 
  1. Export all formulas and import them to new tenant. 
  1. Create all connector instances and formula instances manually on new tenant. 

Important: It is highly recommended to follow the steps described above to avoid complications:  

  • If your formulas are shared across tenants (subaccounts) under the same global account, then the formulas of the original global account are also visible and useable in your new tenant (subaccount). 
  • Formula can be modified and deleted by other tenants (subaccounts) of your old global account. Changes made also affect your new tenant (subaccount). 


In summary, you will get the information of changes of your tenant and how to avaid complications during subaccount migration. Reach out or comment below this blog or me for further information or question! 


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