Enterprise Management Layer for SAP S/4HANA – What’s New – September 2022

Welcome to the Release 2021 Update of the What’s New series.

With these posts, I provide regular updates on the enterprise management layer for SAP S/4HANA.

The enterprise management layer for SAP S/4HANA  available on release 2021 FPS02 as of September 2022 !

With the new version, we are adding 3 new countries (Chile, Colombia, Croatia) with Finance-centric scope to the 3 we had added previously (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). We now offer up to 49 countries.

The functional scope has been extended with new scope items and many scope items have been updated, as well as the User Guide!

New Scope Items:

Keep up with the latest updates:

  • For up-to-date information, you can also refer to our SAP note 3138358 – Enterprise Management Layer for SAP S/4HANA – 2021 (OP) : Additional Information