GDAL with SAP HANA driver in OSGeo4W

In my previous blog posts, I wrote about the OGR driver for SAP HANA available in the most wide-used geospatial data processing software GDAL/OGR. I wrote as well about how to build the software from the source on macOS.

I got great news from our SAP HANA multi-model engineering team: now OGR driver SAP HANA is included in OSGeo4W too. OSGeo4W is a binary distribution of a broad set of open source geospatial software for Windows environments.

Setup SAP HANA plug-in…

Now, when installing or configuring OSGeo4W on your Windows machine, search for hana and include gdal-hana package to be installed.

Once the OSGeo4W setup process is completed check in the OSGeo4W Shell that the OGR driver for SAP HANA is included:

ogrinfo --formats | find /i "HANA"

…and use it!

I described some basic examples in the previous “Use it” post, like:


Just remember to use Windows Command Prompt’s new line ^ syntax…

ogrinfo -ro HANA:"DSN=DBADMIN-VITAL-TRIAL-HC-HDB;SCHEMA=TESTGEO" ^ -so world-continents

…and setup ODBC connection properly on your Windows machine:

-Vitaliy, aka @Sygyzmundovych