Migrating a SAPUI5 application from WEB IDE to BAS


As already declared by SAP, Business Application Studio (BAS) is the future of Web IDE . So, in this blog I will share how to migrate applications created in Web IDE to BAS.

To run a project locally on BAS we need to add some files as well as make changes in certain files.

There are blogs online to migrate the Web IDE project to BAS but that did not fulfil my requirement.

So, instead of  adding files manually, I have gone by the SAP defined migration process. SAP has an online guide on this migration process. The guide defines changes the process will make in the application structure.

Migrating the Project


  1. SAP Cloud platform with Cloud Foundry Subaccount
  2. Business Application Studio Subscription
  3. necessary roles and Entitlements for Application Studio
  4. SAP Fiori Dev Space (Navigate to BAS and click on create Dev Space)

Whenever we import a project from other environment (e.g., Web IDE) to BAS, BAS recognizes the changes and tries to make the project compatible for BAS development (including local run and deployment).

Step 1: Importing the project

On the Welcome page click on import Project and select the Application’s zip file from your system. Once the import will start it will display a message as shown in the image below, Click on Start migration:

Step 2: Select HTML5 modules from MTA

On the next screen that comes, you select the module from MTA and related information like (Project Path, SAP system and destination)

And click on start migration, it will install required scripts in every module’s package.json as shown here :

Step 3: Preview

after the installation is complete, you can preview the application by right clicking on any module and selecting preview application option from the popup


Hence, in this blog we have seen how to migrate a project created in Web IDE into BAS and run it locally. You can deploy this project further on cloud and test on server.