Onboarding – How to resolve, E-Verify did not receive your case information error

If you are an onboarding customer, you would have received the error message “E-Verify did not receive your case. Please try to resubmit the case or try again later by going to the E-Verify To-Do tile, find the new hire, and click Start to retrigger the E-Verify case”.SuccessFactors%20Onboarding%20E-Verify%20error%20message

SuccessFactors Onboarding E-Verify error message

The frustrating thing will be, you have probably tried a few times before giving up.

More often than not, this issue is possibly tied to a data issue of the onboarding record.

Steps to resolve the issue:

Let us identify the cause of the issue:

Let us first analyse what is cause the issue. Typically I start with doing a technical trace to check what is causing the issue.

You can do technical trace, by clicking F12 (if you are using IE Edge) or click More Tools (if you are using Chrome), select developer tools and selecting Network.

No goto the e-verify tile on your Home Page and select the record. Before you goto the e-verify page start the technical trace by following the steps mentioned above.

Once that is started, click Submit on the e-verify page. The page is going to throw the error as seen in the figure above. Simultaneously, the browser network trace is going crazy, You should see few entries which are highlighted in red, which will display what is causing the error. Click on the red lined record, which will expand the record and provide more details.

When I tried with a record which was causing an error, this is the message I obtained:

{“error”:{“code”:”InternalError”,”message”:”EV_DATA_ERROR: Incorrect data was provided”,”details”:[{“code”:”COE0019″,”message”:”EV_DATA_ERROR: Incorrect data was provided”},{“code”:”COE0019″,”message”:”phone_number: Invalid value for \”phone_number\”, the character length must be greater than or equal to 10.”},{“code”:”COE0019″,”message”:”phone_number: Invalid value for \”phone_number\”, must conform to the pattern /^\\d{10}$/.”}]}}

As you can see, the error is due to an invalid value for phone number. Now, how do we resolve this error?

Issue resolution:

  • Goto Manage data. In the 1st search box, select E-Verify data.
  • In the 2nd search box, enter the UID of the affected onboardee.
  • Review the data displayed in the phone number field. You will notice the displayed number is not equal to 10 digits.
  • Click take action. Goto the phone number field, and update with the correct phone number (without country code or the “-“).
  • Click save.

Now that the error is corrected in the table, go back to the home page and try pushing the record to E-Verify.

You will see the record goes through without any issues and you see Completed success message.

Conclusion: Leave in the comments section, if you have seen any other errors related to e-verify and how you have resolved them.