Short and Powerful: Convenient URLs for SAPUI5/OpenUI5 CDN

Accessing SAPUI5 / OpenUI5

When accessing the UI5 Demo Kit to see the latest documentation, you typically access it via the Content Delivery Network (CDN). And when using UI5 in cloud scenarios, you also load the framework from the CDN. To simplify this, we now provide handy URLs which are future-proof, independent of the platform.

With this, the UI5 team streamlines documentation, coding, samples, and rollout information to feature this unique URL. It simplifies loading SAPUI5 and OpenUI5, helps understanding and indicates the independence of the UI5 CDNs from e.g. SAP BTP, Neo environment.

What should you do?

(And forget about and Still, these URLs continue to work, there is no actual change implemented or planned as of now.)

Note: To bootstrap SAPUI5 in non-cloud scenarios please use the Standard Variant for Bootstrapping. See details on the difference in Docu: Bootstrapping from Content Delivery Network and in note 2943781.