Error of specific Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters at adobe form printout

Normally, there could be mess code issues for Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters, especially never been printed in those languages before. There’re many articles that discussed this issue a lot.

Please check this for Printing problems, Smartforms/Sapscripts/ PDF conversion of spool containing Double byte characters, and the approach to solve the issues from Prashant Patil.

This article tips to deal with the error that specific Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters have been shown as square instead of mess code in adobe form printout.

  • No mess code for all the characters except some specific characters shown as a square;
  • Both Print preview and SP01 spool preview are perfectly fine;
  • Save as a PDF file and printing out physically is fine;
  • Smartforms&Scripts forms are fine for the same characters;
  • The device type ‘PDFUC’ has been used;
  • SAP GUI770 has been used;
  • The printer can print those characters without issue for applications like Word.

It’s not relevant to the driver program and the adobe forms itself for sure, after checking SAP printer setting/ physical printer setting/font family support/ related notes, etc., we find no clue at all until the Basis team provides the below approach:

1, Tick the check box of ‘Use Font Substitution’

SAP GUI Options->Front-End Print->Configure Front-End Print->PDF options, the option ‘Use Font Substitution’ is default unselected.

2. Install Monotype Fonts for Printing download from SAP site

After implementing the above steps, all the characters are printed correctly in the Production system while 99% of characters are printed correctly in the Development system… still rare unique characters are displayed as a black dot instead of the previous Square!~ And surprisingly find out some characters were bold randomly!

Please kindly let me know if any better approach can fix this display issue perfectly!