E2E process “Acquire to Decommission” and Enterprise Asset Management solution portfolio overview

SAP Enterprise Asset Management portfolio has evolved over the years to include solution capabilities beyond ‘Operate to Maintain.’

This blog outlines SAP’s Enterprise Asset Management solution capabilities to manage the end-to-end process for Asset “Acquire to Demission.”


E2E Process – Acquire to Decommission

All the above processes are followed in a typical enterprise asset management business scenario, but most resources are spent in ‘Operate to maintain” and “Manage Assets.” Once established, these processes last many years, and optimizing these processes will result in more efficient and sustainable organizations, especially for the asset-intensive industry such as manufacturing, refineries, and transportation.

Mapping E2E Processes to SAP Solutions


Mapping E2E Processes to SAP Solutions

Summary of each process and solution capabilities mapped to each process stream:

1. Acquire to Onboard

Main tasks: This process typically includes procurement, project management and technical information exchanges between internal and external resources engineers, technical experts, manufacturers, and contractors. Assets are acquired and commissioned at the end of this process. Assets are transferred from the project/commissioning department to the operations department.

SAP Solution and functionalities for this process:

  • SAP S/4 SAP HANA – Asset Procurement and project planning
  • SAP Business Network for Asset Management – Centralized hub for asset data collaboration

2. Plan to optimize assets:

Main tasks: Measure and improve performance of assets and enhance maintenance strategies using. Find the right balance between risk, performance, and costs. Typically, asset owners, plant managers, and reliability engineers are involved in this process.

SAP Solution and functionalities for this process:

  • SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management – Risk estimation and evaluation, Cost and performance analysis, failure mode effect analysis (FEMA), Reliability centred maintenance (RCM), Predictive maintenance powered by AI based on sensor (IoT) data

3. Operate to Maintain

Main tasks: Assets are monitored and maintained through their proper life cycle. Maintenance plans and rules are defined, and maintenance activities are planned. Maintenance activities are scheduled and executed. Collaboration happens between maintenance, supply chain, operations, engineering, asset owners, and parts suppliers. Asset data is maintained internally and exchanged with other business partners.

SAP Solution and functionalities for this process:

  • SAP S/4 HANA – Maintenance execution, Resource Scheduling, Human Resource, Time Management, Finance, Procurement, and Material Planning
  • SAP Service and Asset Manager – Mobile solution for the online and offline scenario
  • SAP Field Service Management – Service management, Short-term scheduling. AI-based dispatching based on availability and qualification
  • SAP Business Network for Asset Management – Exchange asset information with partners and operators
  • SAP Geographical Enablement Framework – Geospatial integration for various scenarios, Geometric data viewer and editor, integration with ESRI ArcGIS
  • SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management –Predictive maintenance powered by AI based on sensor (IoT) data

Integration with

  • SAP Enterprise Health & Safety – Incident management
  • SAP Ariba – Catalog management
  • SAP FieldGlass – Contingent workforce management
  • SAP Master Data Governance – Utopia addon

4. Offboarding and decommissioning

Main tasks: Assets are decommissioned and disposed of according to safety and regulatory guidelines

SAP Solution and functionalities for this process:

  • SAP S/4HANA – Maintenance Execution, Asset Master Data
  • SAP Business Network for Asset Management – Information exchange

Architecture Views

You can also view Data Flows, Solution Components and Process Charts on SAP API Business HUB

Architecture Views | Acquire to Decommission for Hybrid Deployment | SAP API Business Hub


There may overlap in various functionality available through each solution. Careful evaluation of each solution’s capability against business requirements (Current and future) should be performed before implementing a specific solution.

Note: Always refer to the SAP Product Road Maps