Have you ever dreamed, as a student, of running your virtual business in a competitive market?

In a recent social media post, SAP CEO Christian Klein said his most valuable learning opportunities as a student came from experiences where the knowledge gained could be put into practice.

The ERPsim Game consists of a kind of flight simulator experience where you fly in a virtual sky, but fly a real plane. You need to make quick decisions that impact all your business environments and the other organizations with which you share the experience during the ERPsim game.

If you are a teacher or professor and want to get student teams to join this experience that includes concepts of business strategy, digital transformation, cross-collaboration, leadership, communication, and showing your students how to work in a low-risk environment, this adventure is for you! In these virtual competitions, students have the opportunity, along with their team colleagues, to run their own virtual enterprise, also developing several different software skills in a live ERP simulation game with an SAP S/4HANA system, the ERP for the Intelligent Enterprise.

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to bring concrete cases to different students around the world who exhibit a lot of creativity and have the potential to improve their working lives. They can thus have an impact on the technology market and be better prepared for the labor market as well. We still have a lot of students and companies to train on the game

Learners can use a true SAP S/4HANA system to evaluate, capture, and see the outcome of their decisions. ERPsim facilitates learning by generating a dynamic environment in which it accelerates time, simulates interactions with partners, and automates the execution of administrative tasks. This approach allows learners to focus on analysis and decision making and gives them an incentive to better translate their strategy into actions using an ERP system.

Learning by doing! Speeding up the time (a working day is a minute!), learners should strive to make the best decisions in the most effective way possible. As the simulation evolves, they will look for ways to improve their knowledge of the ERP system and can propose solutions to improve their decision-making (for example, by creating tools to support their decision model).

ERPsim creates the ideal framework to introduce the concepts and challenges of business process and information management, change management, information security and auditing, and more. For example, each simulation scenario can be executed using pre-generated UIs and tools. This allows learners to experience the evolution of a business system in a short period of time.

Used at more than 350 universities worldwide, the ERPsim game covers a wide range of levels of learning, from secondary to graduate students and MBAs. It offers four separate games each with different levels of scenarios: Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail.

The game ERPsim was created by HEC Montreal – ERPsim Lab, Canada. For many years, an annual international virtual competition has been organized by HEC Montréal. For more information about the ERPsim game for teaching purposes, visit https://erpsim.hec.ca/. The SAP University Alliances team will also be very keen to welcome you to their community! Last year, SAP University Alliances held many ERPsim Game competitions, among them for school kids (14+ year old), for undergraduate students, MBA students, etc. together with HEC Montreal. During the ERPsim regional competitions, students had to make decisions related to the company’s activity during a 4-hour game. After each round, the game coordinator analyzed the teams results, gave results and guided them for the next round. Congratulations to all participants! For a quick overview of an ERPsim event, you can watch this 2 minute video from ERPsim Iberoamerica game or check out this post on the ERPsim Game for schools in Colombia and in Peru, which were run by our local SAP Next-Gen Chapter Universities.

About ERPsim Upgrade

Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, there is now a project called ERPsim Upskill program. The project is led by Junia, a renowned group of French engineering schools (ISA, HEI, ISEN), HEC Montréal ERPsim Lab and SAP University Alliances. This programme enables the JUNIA Group to finance the mission of a teacher, a member of the school, to provide ERPsim courses as part of the courses. In collaboration with the JUNIA International Office, other universities in Europe could benefit from this programme. If you are interested, write to erpsim@hec.ca

Ready for ERPsim?

If you would like to see a presentation of HEC Montréal on the ERPsim game, please visit https://erpsim.hec.ca/public/presentations/erpsim_2022-23_academic_edition.pdf  and subscribe to the newsletter ERPsim Lab for the latest news!