SAP Process Insights Adoption Starter Workshop/EGI – NEW OFFERING within ESAC 2022 program!

Dear community,

We, the SAP Signavio and SAP Enterprise Support teams, are pleased to announce SAP Process Insights Adoption Starter workshop.

In time of a dramatic transformation of business needs, real innovation begins at business processes.

However it is often difficult to know where the technology can really make a difference.

SAP Process Insights provides unique quick and interactive process insights, root-cause analysis and instant improvements capability.
It can kickstart your transformation journey: with SAP Process Insights, you can understand your business processes with out of the box process flows and process performance indicators and you can deep dive with analytical capabilities to find the root-cause of your issues.

On top of that you get tailored improvement recommendations to turn fast insights into immediate results.

The workshop aims to help you to learn about the most important components of SAP Process Insights.
You become familiar and get started with:

• Connecting the quality system and productive SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA system to SAP Process Insights
• Having the full content available in SAP Process Insights ready for analysis
• Understanding the content in the process areas relevant for the customer
• Understanding how SAP Process Insights can help in the context of RISE
• Identifying a prioritized list of improvement area

The First Workshop Dates:

  • May 30th-June 10th 2022 (7 days).
  • Duration: Week 1: 3 half days (Mon, Wed and Fri), Week 2: 4 half days (Tue – Fri);  9 AM to 11 PM CET (for APJ regions and EMEA) or 11 AM to 1 PM EST (for NA and LA) 


  • Creation of SAP Process Insight Q-tenant and technical connect of customer Q-system
  • Creation of SAP Process Insight productive tenant and technical connect of customer productive system
  • Deep-dive: SAP Process Insights content for Lead to CashSource to PayPlan to FulfillFinance and Acquire to Decommission processes – how to analyze the data.
  • Explaining how the analyzed data can be used in the context of RISE with SAP offering to prepare for the SAP S/4HANA transition.

Registration Criteria

  • Participants commit to actively participate in the entire workshop.

 Target Audience:​

  • Process Office Project Lead (week 1 and week 2)
  • IT/Basis administrator (week 1: Mon and Wed)
  • Process managers/business owners (week 1: Friday and week 2)

How to register:

  • Reserve your place in advance for this workshop as spaces are limited.
  • Check and ensure you have access to the SAP Learning Hub. If not, view the link: SAP Enterprise Support Academy.
  • Please register even on the waitlist, we will invite you for the workshop.
  • Register HERE

If you have any questions regarding the prepared workshop/EGI, please don’t hesitate and contact us in Business Process Intelligence Value Map.

Petr Venhuda
Global Topic owner


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