How do you read a blog? – #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics

My subject matter area is all around SAP Analytics (from frontend to backend, from SAP Master Data Governance to SAP Analytics Cloud to SAP AI Core and even SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting and so on).

For sure, sometimes I just fly over some blogs for relevant information, sometimes I dig deeper and sometimes I can not find time and save it in my bookmarks.

To be true, my list of unread blogs is very long. There are a lot of good reads out there enriched with links complex visualisations and embedded videos. And this is how I ideally would read a blog:

Above I used this blog by Deniz Osoy as an example which marked with “15 minutes read”. Mh, ok, maybe if you just read the text…

And than there are some days 3, 4, 5 interesting relevant blogs are published (ok, sometimes also 0 in one week)

The thing is, my job is so knowledge intense that this is not the only thing to follow the blogs.

  • Make a tutorial to try out new features, tools and concepts
  • Follow a SAP Community Call
  • Do a webinar
  • Read the latest newsletter
  • Surf the latest SAP Partner Edge updates
  • Make an openSAP course from time to time

And here we are just talking mainly about the technical skill and knowledge.

In staying up to date it is often just about being consistent. I like challenges like 100 Days of Code or 66 Days of Data which helps to stay on a topic longer and establish behaviours to continue it in the future.

Therefore I got the idea to start #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics on Twitter as I have not seen anything similar yet. Starting on 27.06.2022 I maintain a curated list of SAP Community blogs worth reading from my point of view in the area of SAP Analytics. These blogs are about currently relevant topics (even if the blog is some years old, often they are updated by the authors) but likely no blogs about events or collections of latest features.

I basically do it for myself but a journey is always better with company. I would be happy to see you joining (if you like Twitter) or get into the discussion what are your ways to stay current or get recommendations about blogs in this area you like and may come back to several times?

————- List of blogs from #100DaysOfSAPAnalytics ————-

  1. Analytics in S/4HANA – real shape of embedded analytics and beyond embedded analytics
  2. Data management concepts and techniques in SAP HANA Cloud
  3. SAP HANA Machine Learning with ABAP Managed Database Procedures in SAP BW/4HANA
  4. SAP (Sybase) IQ – the hidden treasure …
  5. SAP Data Intelligence: Create your first ML Scenario