SAP Business One – The most used ERP software by SMEs

What is SAP Business One? 

In simple words it is a single, affordable solution which can manage your entire small or medium size business – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships to analytics and reporting. It helps in capturing data of major business functions into a single centralized location, which can be accessed in real-time to make fast, informed decisions as there is greater visibility and control of your organization. There’s a reason why more than 70,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) run their business with SAP Business One ERP Solution. This is how we come to know that SAP Business One ERP software is one of the best and most used ERP solutions worldwide for SMEs.

Trusted around the world for these reasons, SAP B1 is said to be a scalable, proven solution available on-premise and also on Cloud as a SaaS Model. With this you can gain complete control of your business. This powerful, yet easy-to-use ERP system helps in  simplifying the entire business operations, boosting productivity and therefore helping in accelerated growth all on cloud too.

SAP Business One Modules – The digital core for SMEs

A SAP B1 Module is a collection of functionality sets for business processes, grouped by business departments.

The below modules are some of the basic SAP Business One modules. These with other customizable SAP B1 modules are considered to be best in class functional modules which help in managing operations and data for small and midsize businesses.

  • Financial management –  helps in automating everyday accounting tasks such as maintaining ledger and journal entries, supporting tax calculations. Consists tools for Accounting, Controlling, Fixed Asset Management, Banking and Reconciliation, Financial Reporting and Analytics.
  • Sales and opportunity management – Track sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales process. Store all customer data in one place by synchronizing and managing customer contacts. Consists tools for Sales and opportunity management, Marketing campaign management, Customer management, Service management, Reporting and analysis.
  • Purchasing and Inventory Control –  helps in systematic approach to managing the procurement process, from requesting vendor quotes, to creating purchase requests and paying vendors. Consists  tools for Procurement, Master data management, Warehouse and accounting integration, Accounts payable, Reporting.
  • Production Planning – provides accurate information about inbound and outbound shipments, inventory, and item location. It also Consists tools for Bin location management, Goods receipt and issue control, Production and material requirements planning,  Warehouse and inventory management and  Efficient reporting.
  • Business Intelligence – With analytics powered by SAP HANA, it takes advantage of in memory computing for analysis and reporting. Consists tools for Report creation and customization, Interactive analysis, Intuitive tools, Analytics plus pre-defined KPIs, powerful visualizations by integrating SAP Lumira.
  • Analytics and reporting – make better business decisions by capturing all the critical data in real time and making it instantly available company-wide via dashboards and reports. In addition for faster information access, the SAP HANA version for SAP B1 provides powerful analytics, making it easier for users to search for the information they need and create standard or ad hoc reports in a moment.

SAP Business One ERP solution to suit your business today, tomorrow and the future. Three different ways to deploy it in your business. 

On Premise – This helps in compliance with internal data security policies. There is direct control and access to data. Customizing and extending business processes can be done more efficiently. You can leverage your internal hardware and existing IT infrastructure and resources. Hence there is less dependency on always-connected internet in case of any network issues or drop.

Mobile – Instant access for employees who need to view and update data from anywhere. Mobilizing your sales team with integrated mobile apps with Integrated analytics which enables real-time decision making, therefore making employees more productive on the go. Comprehensive sales and service functions.

Cloud – Business One is the go to SAP Cloud ERP for SME where all your key business processes go cloud-native, including financials, sales, inventory, production and logistics. This gives you complete real-time access to your company’s data from anywhere and anytime. It also majorly cuts down on deployment time, reduces costs, increases scalability, boosts security, and eliminates the need for costly hardware and software maintenance. As a matter of reliability and security, SAP Business One Cloud runs on the industry-leading cloud platform that powers much of the web, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

SAP B1 Cloud ERP – Powered by HANA

Business One Cloud runs on SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance), the industry leading in memory computing platform that delivers blazingly fast application performance for processing and analyzing large volumes of data in real-time. Also SAP B1 HANA is simpler, easier and faster than running applications on your own hardware.

Your ERP system is the reinforcement of your entire business. Hence, the main USP of SAP Business One HANA is speed and accessibility. The quicker your systems run, the quicker you get the information you need. This shall help you in making faster business decisions. Also improve efficiency in the short-term and drive growth in the long-term.


SAP Business One