/AIF/IFTEST – Interface Test Tool

Step 1 –Search for test files or create a NEW test file

  • Search for your files or files created by others
  • Different select options allow to search by specific interface
  • If no file numbers found, then allows to create a new file in next screen
  • Step 2 – Create, Generate, or use existing File No.
    1. To Create a new file, select the “New Data” Icon
      • Select the Namespace, Interface, and Version from the pop-up screen
      • Select the “Interface File Name”
        • Select local file from local workstation. File should be same format the interface uses. Example: XML payload file for PI engine (same as SPROXY)
      • Add “File Description” for each test
      • Press the Save button
    1. To Generate file from /AIF/ERR
      • First select “Technical Mode”
  • Next select the GUID, then press “Generate Test File”.

  • File No will be displayed in bottom left screen

Step 3 – To use an existing file, select the File No. from the ALV screen

Existing file data can be modified to run different test also

Step 4 –Read data –

  • Once data is saved or read from existing file, then press “Read Data”

Step 5 – Transform data

  • Press Transform to map data into SAP target structures
  • Will show errors from mapping FM. Can be resolved before sending to AIF

Step 6 – Process Data

            1. Running the same “File No” will update the same GUID in AIF. It can go from success to error and back.

PS: Its based on research done by my colleague Jimmy R.