A New Government Operating Environment: S/4 HANA Cloud for Public Sector

I am a big fan of history: Quipu: The Ancient Computer of the Inca Civilization fascinates me. This intricate system of knotted strings of various colours does store and convey information.



Global mega trends, crisis management, war for talent, recovery programs have reshaped the Public Sector priorities and amount of information . With constant change is multiplying data and decisions needed: Data needs to be used with situational insights, better forecasting and analytics and learn where to be automatically processed (“let the data run, not the citizen or employee”).

S/4HANA Public cloud for Public Sector is designed end constantly evolving to help state and local companies to take advantage of new technologies and breakthrough innovations to create a more proactive, automated, foresighted, data-driven, and citizen-focused organisation.  This SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) benefits from best business practices established over decades of working with public service organisations.

Take a look to see its scope and feel the User Experience: SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP – A New Government Operating Environment

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems typically include integrated modules for financial management, procurement and other LoB offerings. They offer a wide range of business benefits.

Our product and solution management team has taken advantage of the capabilities we offer to our enterprise customers for some years and merge the content of it with our experience in public sector with thousands of customers. They enabled E2E processes for Public Sector and Higher Education in Procure2Pay, Order2Cash, Record2Report, Asset Management, Treasury, Integration to our Planning Platform on SAP Analytics Cloud

Some Highlights:

  • Our SaaS offering for Public Sector supports full depth of Public Financial Management (Management of Funds, Grants Budgets and local reporting requirements like CAFR, Treasury Funds and Fund Accounting) in all delivered processes of this industry specific solution scope.
  • It also includes HXM-processes for Public Sector, where on employee and project level personnel expenses hit the right budget of the grant and fund from the payroll combined with time recording. First Half 2022 Release: What’s New in SAP SuccessFactors Public Services? | SAP Blogs This allows you to focus on building a skilled and engaged workforce and deliver exceptional employee experiences with our HXM suite.
  • It’s current version with the second release in August 2022 still has a focus on features for State and Local customers in the US to meet GASB requirements.
  • Sourcing and procurement visibility is key to identifying the right mix of suppliers and reducing supply risk, while adhering to regulatory, budgetary and compliance requirements
  • We continuously update our roadmap to provide features and functions based on our current  customers and prospects projects to together with the S/4HANA Cloud community. See whats coming next: SAP Road Map Explorer

Cloud changes IT investment from fixed cost to variable cost providing financial flexibility during times of rapid change. It supports our customers who are looking to consume a service without having to deal with the complexities of operating the technology themselves. It helps you to consume innovation faster building resilience and agility in response. In our portfolio we are considerate to address the needs for security with  Public Sector with specific cloud services

Last not least we wholeheartedly want to support Public Sector customers to meet sustainability goals by greening government operations but also setting Climate change framework conditions and auditing and controlling its ambitions. This takes us to include SAP’s sustainability portfolio for you to enable Green Public Finance Management.

To be continued: I am looking forward to share with you more in a series: thoughts on the highlights, the roadmap and Green Public Finance management.