Still Skeptical? Low code / No Code

I’ve been asked lately if I’m still skeptical?

Yes.   Why?  I haven’t had the time to learn it.   Darn it.   But I have started my research.   It is so hard with so much out there.   I basically said I couldn’t find anything that related to business or something I could really use.  I was going to make one that I could also demo for my management.   Pretty ambitious for not having learned it yet.

I was quickly told – yes there are actual business scenarios out there.  Here’s what I was sent:

Some interesting reading.   AND I’m sure I only have the tip of an iceberg So stay tuned.   I haven’t forgotten just gotten side tracked.

On what?  I know most of you have worked on projects.  We are on our user testing now.  Just means everything has to be done at light speed.  And Yes, there are a lot of changes.  So my learning revolved around getting better at finding and using APIs.   A little harder because we are doing it without the integration software from SAP.

Have a great Monday all!   And keep learning.

– Does anyone have anything to add?   More projects for business?  Links?  Or just plain anything…  Please leave a comment.