New Names and Navigation – Same Content and Simplicity

With the latest update of SAP Cloud Appliance Library taking place on June 20 2022 we introduced a slightly changed navigation structure in the menu. To reflect the broader scope we are now covering we split the catalog  into two sections. This goes hand in hand with a change in the terminology we use:

  • What used to be listed as Solution is now called Appliance Template

The content and the user experience for this much liked option of getting fast and easily to a sandboxing system stays the same, no worries. Just note that the workload you create from the Appliance Template is now listed and accessible under Workload -> Appliances (and hence not under Instance anymore as it used to be)

  • What is new since a couple of months – the software stacks for production-ready deployment with or without high availability – is now to be found under Products in the navigation pane.

The Workload created from this deployment of a default or custom SAP Software stack is listed and accessible under Workload -> Systems.

In addition management of SAP Cloud Appliance Library Users and Accounts is now done under the summarizing menu item Configuration.

Appliance template and its workload

Product and its workload