Creation of Analytical Tiles in Manage KPIs And Reports

In this Blog Post I will Explain How to create a custom Analytical Tile from Manage KPIs & Reporting tile and also will explain how to enable this tile to your user ID and use the same.

Custom KPI & Reports can be created from the “Manage KPIs and Reports”, and this tile’s details can be found here:( Manage KPIs & Reports Tile Information )

To add this tile we need to add below role to our user and this can be done with t-code SU01.


I am here trying to create a custom KPI tile with custom filters using standard Odata service of “Manage Sales Orders” tile.

I have taken the reference of Fiori Apps Library and from there I have taken the Odata mentioned in Configuration part in Odata Service Section.


  1. create Customizing Transport Request
  2. create Workbench Transport Request
  3. Launchpad Designer with SCOP=CUST ( Select the Customizing TR) –> T-Code ( /ui2/LPD_CUST )
  4. Launchpad Designer with SCOPE=CONF (Select the Workbench TR) –> T-Code ( /ui2/LPD_CONS )

So How we can create a Analytical Tile, You can correct me in comment if I have missed something out 😉
Do let me know if you find this Blog Post help full for creation of Analytical Tiles.
Post your Questions in queries I will try to answer or we will learn together.

Harshin Joshi